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Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:41 am

Here’s a little tutorial that will get you circular delays, pan delays and reverb in ANY combination on a PCM80 or 81 with full spillover..absolutely no cut or artifact.


First you need a midi board which sends CC’s that can be programmed in your patches.. Of course instant access is a plus need 4 CC’s

The first thing to do is to wire your PCM inputs with a Y cable coming from whatever you have there. By default 3 delays of the PCM are feed from one input and 3 others from the other input..I’m not talking L&R here cause it could be misunderstood..each of the 6 delays can be panned at the whatever the name you give to the input doesn’t matter..

Your fist CC must be assigned to L in level with minimum off and maximum 127..second CC is R in level with same values. 3rd is diffusion and must be set with off and 42 values (if you use original settings), the last one must be assigned to reverb mix. I suggest off and 50% for the values but can adjust you main reverb volume of course.
Inside the patch set the 3 first delays to circular values and the two next to pan. Adjust your reverb and finally store the whole thing..I suggest you do with IN’s levels to off, diffusion off and reverb mix off.
Now all you need to do is programm your 4 CC numbers in your foot controller..
Presets are fine cause you need to cut the diffusion when using Pan and vice versa..but those who have an FX1 can just do it IA with only one button..even better

I can tell you it sounds huge on my 81.


Have fun


Posted by BRUNO

Tue May 31, 2011 4:51 pm

It’s been a while since I promise to post those..though I thought people will get along with the infos already posted but it seems it’s not enough.
Here is the thing WITHOUT reverb so you don’t get too much infos at a time.

So what is this patch/preset doing ? it gives you the famous Pan and Circular
presets of the PCM70 (made famous by some American guitar player) into one preset and you can go from one to another or both at the same time..for those you will need 3 being dedicated to the diffusion..
The only real difference will be that if you use both at the same time diffusion will be on for the “Pan delay”..but if you use one or the other it should be 100% identical

The algo to use is : M-Band+ Rvb

0.1 : -9 (this is totally adjustable to YOUR rig)

0.2 :
InLvl L : -3 (this will control the Circular ON/OFF and so must be used to balance with the pan ,THIS PARAMETER IS CC controlled)

InLVL R : Full ( this controls pan ON/OFF ,THIS PARAMETER is CC CONTRLLED)

InPan L : 50 L ( this has nothing to do with panning the sound to left,don’t be confused ..check the algo)

InPan R : 50 R ( same remark as above)

0.3 : 0% Reverb
0.4 : +45 STEREO
0.5 :
Low limit : 0
High Limit : 100

1.x ( do not apply here ..this reverb stuff)

2.1 : 42% ( THIS PARAMETER IS CC CONTROLLED ,off (zero%) with pan ,on (42%) with
circular) the rest of 2.x doesn’t apply here

3.0 : +0dB
3.1 : -6dB
3.2 : -6dB
3.3 : -9dB
3.4 : Full
3.5 : Full
3.6 : Off

4.1 : 888ms
4.2 : 584ms
4.3 : 292ms
4.4 : 768ms
4.5 : 376ms
4.6 : 0ms

5.0 :
Mstr HC :+0
Msrt LC :+0
5.1 (and
Locut : off
Hicut : 15khz

6.0 :100%
6.1 : 30%
6.2 : 0%
6.3 : 0%
6.4 : 31%
6.5 : 0%
6.6 : 0%

7.0 : C
7.1 : C
7.2 : 50 R
7.3 : 50 L
7.4 : 50 R
7.5 : 50 L
7.6 : C

8.xx ( This is modulation stuff ,leave it alone but make sure nothing is assigned to it in the next row ..patch)

Last row ( Patch ) is where you assign your 3 CC’s to control the pan and circular ON/OFF and the Diffusion.. set the CC number (SRC),the parameter (Dst) ,minimum and max values here)

Posted by BRUNO

Tue May 31, 2011 4:58 pm

Actually when I meant 3 CC’s I meant 3 Patches in the last row …the InLvl L will use the same CC number as the diffusion one… so each time you switch circular on the diffussion will come on course nothing keeps you from using a different CC for this if you want to control diffusion separately.

What is diffusion?
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