Posted by Woundstring

Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:26 am

Been wondering for 23 years how Steve Stevens gets such a defined chewy resonant low end like on this example at 2:20 to 2:34 and the fantastic harmonic dripping and feeding back…boosting, eq’ing? Just his Marshall or CAE amp for solo?

Love the neck single coil tone…what pickup was it exactly and was it modded/hotter to match the JB bridge? I know Steve said it was a Fender Strat model, but which?

Editors note: Clip no longer available.

Posted by SteveStevens

Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:51 am

Heya Woundstring,
Really sorry i haven’t replied sooner. Been a traveling’ man lately. So the clip you posted is from the brief Atomic Playboys club tour. The head used would have been a Park non master volume from the late 70’s. The guitar used is a Charvel San Dimas which was loaded with a Duncan JB and a single coil in the neck position (not sure what). For anything that required overdrive, i would kick in a Boss eq….usually with the level about max and a fair bit of upper mid freq’s boosted. The feedback was achieved because the rig was just so incredibly loud and only about 7 feet behind me. I was using a 3 cab system-the outside cabs run off of my H&H power. The amp i am doing with Dave F, can easily achieve this tone and gain structure. I am of the opinion that our amp sounds light years better then my original Marshall’s of which i still own quite a number of… as well as the Parks. Much of the desired tight bottom end you speak of is really down to not having your action too low, and i can never get that sort of bottom with anything lighter then a 010 string set. I know guys like Van Halen play 009’s but he’s not human anyway, Keep chasing that tone in your head, you’ll get close…..we never ever get it sounding as good as we want, ha ha. That’s why these sort of forums exist.

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