Posted by tokyo tapes

Wed May 28, 2008 9:38 pm

How much of the crunch and distorted sounds are the Soldano X88, and how much are the reamped Marshalls? ( I love the semi clean/crunch in the beginning of I’m Buzzed)
Will a SLO get close to these sounds?

Posted by Suhr

Wed May 28, 2008 10:04 pm

I posted the gear once before*, pretty sure non of it was an X88
it was a Jose Marshall and some other Marshalls. He didnt do racks on that.

*Red. The thread in mention is nowhere to be found although I seem to remember it as well. The old board perhaps?

Posted by Moonspinner

Wed May 28, 2008 10:59 pm

Are you sure Suhr? ‘Cause on the coversleeve, indeed you see a Marshall head, but it’s on top of a huge rack, stuffed with two Soldano poweramps, a Lexicon, an Eventide and something else….(no X88 indeed on that pic, so for a preamp….don’t know)

Posted by Suhr

Wed May 28, 2008 11:16 pm

The Soldano was used on a few tunes
But it was mostly the Marshalls

*Tales info…

“I’m Buzzed”:
The Intro, crunch & solo was a Jose mod ’70 100 watt Marshall through a vintage late ’60’s Marshall cab with 25 Greenbacks. No juice extractor on this one, I had it up pretty loud…
Floyd Rose Schector Strat with ’60’s Humbucker (not a PAF) “Judy”: Same as above but a different Strat, I think it was a Tyler Humbucker in the bridge…

I’m old, I cant remember…

“Johnny Swing”:
This was definitely the purple Soldano pre amp with the VHT power amp through newer Marshall cabs w/vintage 30’s…

“Big Bulge”:
Same as “I’m Buzzed”

“Roodis Tones”:
Same as “Johnny Swing”

Definitely the Jose Marshall, vintage cab, I used the Juice Extractor on the solo and into a Eventide 910 harmonizer (after the Juice Extractor) Schector Strat again…

“I Don’t Care”: ??? Probably the Jose Marshall again…

“My Bulbous Meathead”
This was definitely the Jose Marshall through the Vintage 4×12 with the juice extractor, I used a PCM 42 for delay after the Juice Extractor…

I used a “Rat” pedal back then too, sometimes a “Tube Screamer”…
I guess it was mostly that Jose Marshall, cool…


Michael Landau – Jeorge Tripps Way Huge Delay Rack Unit
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