Here are some posts from a thread started by Steve back in the day. Some fun stuff.

Posted by Lukedaddy

Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:28 pm

I heard about this place and thought I would pop in an say hi. I am off to Japan today with Randy Brecker-Bill Evans-Robben Ford-Darryl Jones-Steve Weingart and Rodney Holmes. NO rehearsals and some wild ass fun stuff to play so I wont be able to check in till I land in a day or so.
I will check in and hope eveyone is cool and groovin this weekend
Yer new pla

Posted by Gluke

Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:01 pm

Welcome to the world of shirtless gearhomos……..

Posted by LordRiffenstein

Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:08 am

Hey Luke,

good to see you here, didn´t think you would join when I told you about this forum but it´s awesome that you did!!

Good luck with the gig!


Posted by Capn

Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:49 am

I think my pants just twitched..
my Therapist is gonna have a field day with that one

What Therapist? – this is the UK, we just suppress, and drink more

Posted by M. Balmer

Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:59 am

I type here when I’m naked…

Posted by Flinto2002

Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:10 am

Welcome Luke, we’re all big fans, and more than a few of us have a weird homo thing going on for you

popup image

See what I mean, we’re stalkers man….

Posted by steve10358

Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:53 am

What’s Matt lookin at? The gay mens choir didn’t walk by until AFTER the photo.

Posted by marsa

Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:52 am

Steve.. you left your anal beads at my place. Call me..

Posted by steve10358

Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:16 am

Luke or me? I can’t find my turqoise power ball or my red devil butt plug. I’ve never been to your country but I figured I’d ask.

Posted by marsa

Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:23 am

Steve10358, I know you would never misplace something that important to you..
Naw, you see.. Luke has these custom made hand polished pink marble beads.. whereas the japanese made stuff only tinkles your toyota these custom ones from a barn somewhere in the midwest really honks your hummer..

Posted by steve10358

Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:24 am

It’s not that I “misplace” them. It’s just that I don’t wanna lose another watch before I bury the body.

Posted by

Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:54 am

Well, I didnt know this was the GAY gear forum but hey… never underestimate the power of the gay dollar. haha I have many gay friends. I am a lesbian stuck in a mans body. haha
Seems like a fun place to hang. I really cant deal with message boards in general cause they get mean and I dont need any extra stress.
Soo, wazzup? I am new here and I will check in when I can here and there and I am happy to answer any questions, well within reason. haha
I am in Tokyo with a killer band that had ONE little run through. Pretty loose and Randy Brecker will barely make the gig tonight. It will be loose and fun and thats the spirit of the thing anyway. I am honor to share the stage with Robben Ford, one of my faves and a great cat. We play alot different but thats the fun and the rest of the cats are just sick so I will check in tommorow and let ya know how it went.
Just a few stomp boxes and a marshall JCM-2000 rented. Jazz gigs, no money for freight and I like it simple these days anyay. I got blamed for that over processed cheese sound from the 80’s a HATE but C’est le vie. It was 25 years ago.. I did NOT start that shit contrary to popular belief but as I did hit records with it..boom “Lukathers fault.” haha What can I say? Now I WAS guilty for awhile BUT it has been 100 years so be kind. OK. I used to drink till I passed out too. No more of that.
Hope you fuckers have a great day. Off to the gym and then more practice then a long/rehearsal soundcheck. Supposed to be a great room. We shall see.
Yer pal

Posted by qatcat

Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:55 am

Oh it’s gay alright, grab assing..the whole 9 yards. steer clear of MBalmer, steve90210, matt5150 and pedalpat to avoid association and disgrace..

Posted by Caveman

Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:24 am

Hi Luke. Welcome aboard. This really is a good forum.

There is nothing wrong with the processed sounds from 80’s. At HRI there is no such thing as over processed. Just stay away from the blazers and the shoulder pads. Personally, I love the “TriChorus + pitch shift” tone.


Posted by Gluke

Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:39 am

Well, you know, this is the greasiest and cheesiest forum there is not not likely that anyone will blame you for anything here apart for a few fashion related insidents…………..

Posted by Lukedaddy

Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:05 am

Wazzup cats,

well night was was KILLER! Had a blast. It was loose cause the first gig WAS the rehearsal. haha But loose in a good way. Randy Brecker was smilin at me the whole time so I guess I was cool. Robben too. What a great tasty player and an awesome touch. Everyone is a great hang and that always makes for a great tour. It is only gonna get better. I am honored to be here and they pay for this shit. Not a bad way to make a living. haha

Ok, I will answer a few questions.
No UK guys. This Toto thing is a very hard thing for me as Mike is very ill with ALS. If you know anything about this disease it is the worst fucking thing EVER. I am gutted as the Porcaro family has been a a 2nd family to me for 35 years..Send love and prayers cause they need it! These shows are just a quick 3 weeks in and out done. Bittersweet. It will be great to play with Paich and Steve Porcaro and Joe again and Nathan East is sitting in on Bass and Simon Phillips on drums. We gotta help Mikey out. What can I say? I will check in again when I get a minute and thanks for all the well wishes

Posted by Lukedaddy

Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:51 am

Hey guys
Well this Japanese cat just brought me some new pedals. PROVIDENCE is the brand name. REally cool compressor I plugged in, neat little chorus for the wide sound. I am just using stomp boxes and a rented Marshall JM 2000 and few thing son the floor. Nice tight clean sound. Works well with this band. You should check out these little boutique pedals. I am collecting all this shit now. Still Love Bob’s stuff and all that but he is making me an all stomp box travel pedal board that is modular so I can put things in, change them out and it weighs 70 pounds so THAT is a big deal these days with freight a million fucking dollars and I work so much overseas it is just not coat effective to carry all the stuff anymore, and I am not really using much these days anyway.

Thanks for the kind words on Mike Porcaro. It is just devastating.. I have no words. Send him the good vibe. He needs all he can get.
I am at the gig now and time to warm up. Have a good one

PS Thanks for the warm welcome. Nice to meet you guys too!

Posted by Capn

Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:56 am

I didn’t know Mike Porcaro was poorly, and I know nothing of the condition, but I’ll look it up and learn about it as Toto have been a massive positive influence on my life, and now my 7 year old son is picking up on it.

My wife returns after the school run recently and I get ‘that look’ thrust my way before she speaks. I thought I must be in the doghouse for a big faux pas, but it turns out the boy’s first mp3 player is not all she’d hoped it would be. He won this Lego brick player in a Lego Club competition, and is totally stoked that he got this prize hand delivered, so I whack on some groovin’ tunes to help him on his way. Like any kid he has no idea of his voice volume when listening and loves to sing loudly over the music.

On the way to school in the car, he was singing along to Falling In Between’s ‘Hooked’. Along with the song, he belts out “it’s SEX!!, it’s DRUGS!! and then we ALL fall down!!”. Wifey almost plants the car in the hedge, which is hilarious. And somehow that’s my fault. My son is looking to me for help, so I shoot him a little wink. Go on son!

Posted by Lukedaddy

Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:40 am

Gotta admit I spit my coffee out when I read the post about the kid singing “Its sex-its drugs” LMAO. haha sorry about that. It is NOT a positive stance on using dope but out of context, VERY funny!

Yeah, Mikey is NOT well. he has asked me not to get too deep into it in detail but lets just say he cant get around anymore and it kills all of us that love him. I cant imagine…
Take care of your health. It was a hug wakeup call for all of us. I stopped smoking and drinking and now I am mr. health. Got a clean bill of health from for Doc and now I am trying to be the best I can be on “the back 9” of mu life. Stress is a killer too.

On a lighter note, havin so much fun playing out here with such freedom and improv in all the music and the musicianship is at its highest level. I am diggin deep and goin for it. Funny thing is we live in the youtube era where IF you got for shit and maybe miss it and it ends up online people shred you for a mistake. The haters are deep and it is a mind fuck sometimes. I stopped reading it or I would quit playing. It was bad enough to be in a band that every critic hated for 30+ years now EVERYONE is a critic and hide behind fake names. Shit I did 25 years ago that was never meant for public comsumption gets ripped with bad mixes etc.. I had one up that had like 600,000 hits. It was a bedroom interview for a guitar mag in the UK with a horrible bad backing trackplaying theru a ahitty POD and not my own guitar and I was hung over like a mother fucker after drinking with Lemmy the night before, 9am and I sucked. Now it was all over the internet as “MY SOUND” and I was just mauled by people saying I suck ass etc..
Man.. sometimes it is harsh and mean and the shit hurts. I dont mind live loose shit up and yeah, sometimes it aint my best shit. EVERYONE gets raked thru the coals but damn.. give a brother a break. Imagine having people follow you around 24/7 with a camera on. You go to shows now and people dont even watch the show. They have there cell phones on. When did everyone become Speilberg? Watch the fucking show. You gotta watch what you say and do. It is very intimidating
But.. the price of it all?? I LOVE my job and some people like me, some hate me.. it is the way of the world. It is a great job and the price I gotta pay for my good times and good fortune. i KNOW I am a lucky mother fucker!
OK, TOO much coffee. Sorry for the rant
Hopefully yer new pal

Posted by fusion58

Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:54 am

Yo Luke:

FUCK the haters, brah!

There’s a reason why you are still a successful, working pro “on the back 9” while all those other schmucks are asking “you want fries with that?”

Anyone who knows his ass from a gopher hole knows you’re the top of the food chain.

Rock on, amigo.

Posted by Lukedaddy

Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:11 am

Thanks guys,
Yeah.. “regrets I have had a few”. I guess it comes with being 35 years into this crazy music biz. Mostly great times and great musical moments but a few turds in the punchbowl that I NEVER thought would see the light of day.. or hoped they wouldn’r or dont remember any of it. They tell me I had a great time. haha
Thanks for being cool and sorry for the rougher moments. It is a huge responsibility to be in the public eye. So much is expected of you and one glitch and its “HA, I told you he sucked”. One MUST have a good sense of humour about it all otherwise hide the sharp objects and or find me David Caradine style in the closet hanging dead. I have seen some pretty shitty clips on my hero’s from back in the day. No one gets away free these days and even if it is awesome, SOMEONE will rake it thru the coals and say it sucks cause they can create controversy and attention to themselves.
I have to let it go. I would like to THINK I have done some OK stuff over the years but its like the TV news. They dont tell you the GOOD stuff. It is all gloom and doom and “were all gonna die” shit.
Then the last 10 seconds they rescue a kitty cat from a tree and we all go “Ahhhhh” and get dinner. LOL
Human nature indeed. Why do you think tabloids and TMZ are so popular and make so much fucking money? The internet has sites for ” I hate _ .com Ya dig? WHY? What a waste. Those same people should spend more time practicing or hit and get some lotion and a towel. Time better spent.
I appreciate all the kind words and forgive me for my weaker moments when I was too buzzed on stage and was a little loose. I am human but under the microscope. I am happy to say I am very focused and of clear mind and body and back to REALLY caring about my playing and my whole deal. My life is not all music, there are things I would rather not write about that loom VERY heavy on me in my personal life that have had a huge affect on my whole being. Everyone hits a bad patch. I am coming out of mine.
God Bless y’all and keep the humour alive and keep playin and lets have some fun and share some info here. I am fan of great guitar players and new gear too!

Posted by pedalpat

Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:45 am

to me your one of the best. right up there with the greats: Beck, Clapton, Van Halen, Hendrix, Page etc etc. You know your doing something right cause a lot of dudes want to be you.

Posted by fusion58

Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:21 am


And I think I can speak for everybody here when I say that one of the reasons we all love Luke is because he keeps it real!

Look up “ridiculous talent/zero ego” and you’ll see Luke’s picture.

Posted by M. Balmer

Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:44 am doesn’t have good interracial bukkake and napkins and spit are cheaper and easier I’m the long run. Sorry, but I’m using my Ipod Touch here and can’t do the normal smiley icons although I can make this one which is Matt’s favorite: ===))) ~~~~ (-: Additionally, Pat purposely forgot to mention Gilmour in that list to spite me b/c he’s a dungeon farmer. Anyway, you are an incredibly cool cat and player and it’s great that you are here. I have learned more about playing and especially gear in the first couple of years here alone the in the past 20. I have broke the bank a few times as well but what is really cool is all the great friends I have made here over the years. Nice to have you on board.

Posted by DeeDub

Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:32 am

Fortunately, this is one of the few sites on the ‘net where the haters fear to tread. They pretty much get buttfucked into leaving! Haters… well, everyone has theirs, I guess, it’s just that the more prominent and in the public eye you are, the worse yours are gonna be. Sucks, to be sure. Then again, there is the flip side… getting to play some of the COOLEST music that’s ever been written, hanging with ALL the cool cats, and just the overall bad-assness that goes with being who YOU are!

As was mentioned above… FUCK THE HATERS!

Welcome to HRI!

Posted by marsa

Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:44 am

Steve.. I’ll tell you a little story about a review you got with Toto on a gig in Norway some years ago.. The critic gave you shit for your playing because it was soo cliché.. HA HA.. well, what the motherfucker didn’t know is that when you play stuff that you actually invented/came up with yourself it really isn’t a cliché.. You are actually a master player that has been copied so much over the years that when you strut your stuff idiots like that think you’re just another douche copying classic licks.. it’s just wrong man.. how these so called critics are allowed to review stuff without knowing anything..

Anyway.. as the admin of this crazy hang out here’s your official welcome hug (in a non gay very masculine way).. Have fun dude!

Feel free to start your own threads about whatever might cross your mind.. share old stories or your thoughts about gear, equipment and what not..

Have fun!

Main Dick.

Posted by Jazz/Rock

Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:36 pm

I was driving listening to the radio in central Utah, Rosanna playing with volume on 10.

Then what happens? Fking DJ cuts off the outro solo and fades in Taylor Swift. I like looking at her as much as the next guy, but your dumb ass is going to cutoff a Luke solo for this little chick?

NOPE. Gimme that damned phone. I’m calling anyone I know who has internet access to lookup the corp structure of the fag radio station.

Luke solo’s will not be attenuated under ANY circumstances. If so, there will be letters to the corp fags.

Posted by Lukedaddy

Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:31 am

Hey guys,
Again for the kind words. Nice place ya got here.
That “gold guitar” I am playin on this gig has a full on rosewood neck. The WHOLE thing is rosewood. I gotta say I am NOT a big fan of the color. They just sent it to me on the fly and Dudley over at Music Man put some of my new EMG’s in it and it plays and sounds really good to me but the color.. ? I am not really digging it BUT cause I dog the feel and sound I am playin it. I even put a little piggie sticker on it. I know the Music Man guys will bug out if I deface the guitar but sometimes you have to. lol
They make such great stuff. I love it and thats why I use it. I DO have alot of my classic vintage guitars but who in there right mind would bring a 1959 sunburst Les Paul on the road. haha I will keep that guitar forever and I did use it when I played the Les Paul tribute show in LA . I was the ONLY guy that brought a real one and it sounded amazing but it is worth a fortune and dangerous to have out in public. Everyone was digging the REAL one as opposed to the re-issues. The re-issues are great but like fake tits, nice but not real. lol I dont keep it at home. It is hidden thats all I wanna say. I break it out now and then. I have a great old 51 Esquire I dig too, lots of cool old stuff but I am a Music Man guy all the way thru. It is all a matter of taste. I have a ton of wild guitars but I DID sell some stuff as it became too much of a burden and or expensive with insurance and all. 200 or so guitars is a bit much to deal with. Some I wish I didnt sell but if I had not played it in over 10 years I got rid of it unless it had a REAL meaning to me or someone offered me a fortune, which DID happen to a few of them.
I am so groovin on playin with Robben Ford and all the guys in this Soulbop band. AMAZING players and I am very inspired. LOTS of improv and sharing musically and the hang is great too.
Ok, now off to get it together to start the day and get out and see a little Tokyo before soundcheck and practice time. have a good one guys

Posted by Lukedaddy

Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:09 am

By the way..

The guy that said you should die.. man THAT is why I think the internet is fucked up. I have gotten worse,although I know it is hard to believe. haha Fuck those people. You seem a cool to me. Faceless losers. It IS hard cause words hurt but consider the source.
Henley had a great tune, “not enough love in the world”
we should all dig that vibe. Music is not a contact sport. It is all subjective like all art is. NO ONE like everything but even if you dont like something or the way someone plays there is no need to be mean and hateful about it.

Posted by Capn

Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:15 pm

2 words that should never have been put together – “baby” and “batter”.
Gives me a get-out to put the wife off next time I’ve got a ‘headache’.

It’s blatantly obvious who carries talent in their discipline, no matter if they feel they are having an off-day. Watchers who know, enjoy it all, and then take special virtue from the days when they are lucky enough to witness magical performances.

It was a true thing said about the haters – you never seen them doing anything of any note. At least the professional critics can wield the pen skillfully, yet the internet opportunists often don’t even get the punctuation right, which tells part of the story.

I can barely hold my own on the old wire and wood, but I’ll give it a go, so do forgive me for appropriating some of your (Luke’s) riffs to make that point by example (which I did a couple of days ago).
Hello, is that the Police? I’d like to report a murder. There’s a song being murdered before my very ears…

Posted by skracus

Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:43 am

He had me at “hairy juicy spot”

Posted by Lukedaddy

Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:55 am

You cats are HILARIOUS! I thoight I had heard them all but I was wrong. hahaha
Great stuff. Keep it comin
Thanks for making me feel welcome and yeah, we are all the same, just people sharing time on this blue rock and trying to have a laugh and maybe learn something and leave some love behind. There is TRULY scary shit goin on in the world and to spend time being a hater on music mesage boards is just really sad..
So, lets keep the yuks alive and groove.
Off to the java jazz fest. Man, I have seen SO many people I have worked with, old pals, Jimmy Haslip and I go back to playing with Narada Michael Walden when we were like 17 years old. True story! We got the gig but never toured as it was cancelled. It was his first solo record after Mahavishnu. Just heard from Narada yesterday via e mail. Giant musician.
Saw everyone from Diane Warren to Manhatten Transfer and all the jazz cats. Google the frestival and see how is here. I have worked with almost all of them over my 33+ years as a session sausage. I feel old..
Have a good one

PS EMG’s.. yeah they are new ons. We are gonna make an upgrade. I undertstand some people dont like them. I dont like mayo or beets but millions do.. I dont hate people for it though. haha
I think as men, even though real tits are better I have worked a few fake ones I liked. hahaha What the fuck right? lol have a good one guys

Posted by Lukedaddy

Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:07 am

Hey guys
Sorry its been a day or 2. The travel has been hell 5am calls 7 hour flights etc.. the road for real.
Wow, you guys can dig up some info/video and fast. lol

I will TRY and answer a few things here.
Volume pedal before this or that? I try different things and my tech Craig DeFalco ( ex Van Halen) sets my shit up and I just show up and play. I was never an ‘uber-tech” guy anyway. If it sounds good , fuck it. As we are on the run and I am using rented gear on this tour sometimes we dont have alot of time to really mess with stuff. It can be frustrating. I know Robben is feeling the same way but somehow when the count off comes we all start playing. lol

Mike Landau and me.. man, you have to understand that Mike and I grew up together. I met him when we were 12 years old and we have been close friends ever since. He was always an inspiration, still is. He made me a better player cause HE is so fucking good! I will go on record and say that I think Mike is one of the finest guitar players in the world and just keeps getting better. I can’t even put into words just how much I love and admire him. We have also had SO many laughs along the way I cant count. We played in a million bands together in our youth and when i do get a chance to play with him we have a special bond that is unspoken. I even covered “I’m buzzed” on my last tour. It doesnt get much better than Mike !

I cant remember all the sessions I did but there were alot haha 33+ years seemed to go by fast. I am just trying to get my vibe on for “the back 9” of my life. I am not so much a competitive guy anymore .I am very happy and honored to be busy working and getting paid to play the guitar after all this time as there are so many younger better players out there! TOO many. I want to kill them all. LMAO
All that other shit… That was for kids and all good for that but I think as time goes by it is like trying to fuck hot every girl you see. It was a gas when you were young but at a certain point substance is better than quantity and I dont run as fast or do alot of things as fast as I did when I was 25 so the rest follows suit. You dont see old shredders, not yet anyway. haha I also like to have girls at my shows. Very few chicks at shredder shows. lol I have been guilty of it as much as anyone. It is so fucked up. If you DO play fast people roast you for it, if you DONT then people say you have no chops, fast no soul, etc.. it is fucking ridiculous. EVERYONE is a critic. We ALL are to a degree but it all seems so silly in the end. Apples, oranges, peanuts and poop. Whatever blows your skirt up.
Now, go play your guitars and have a laugh OK
Best to you all

Posted by Lukedaddy

Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:40 am

In Osaka playing Billboard Live , which USED to be the Blue Note and this is the very venue Carlton and I recorded “No Subsitutions”. The room still has a great vibe and sound. 4 more sold out shows in 2 days then home. I have had such a blast on this tour and It was such an honor to share the stage with Robben Ford ( what a monster!) and all the other legendary cats. I am humbled and had many a laugh as well. Made some new lifelong friends. Darryl Jones throws DOWN! Most of these cats played with Miles. I actually got asked to be in Miles band in 1987 by Miles himself but Toto was leaving the next day and I had to say no. I dont think I was right but as it turns out Miles loved rock guitar players. He played on Toto’s record Fahrenheit and then played the song “Dont stop me now” that we wrote for him with his band live in Montreaux. To say it was an honor is an understatement.
Anyway.. Now I gotta go jam with the cats. It is 6pm in Japan and the shows are early.

Oh, sorry about the outfits, the over effected bullshit sounds and everything excessive from the 80’s. I was not alone but took most of the blame.. what can I say? There were a few good bits. My kids laugh there ass off at my old photo’s It will be in my book LOL
Yer pal

Posted by Gluke

Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:12 pm

Say no more and stop saying you’r sorry. No blame or haters here and anybody stopping by will be anally gangraped and choked to death with a strapon by our shirtless deathsquad.

Alot of us grew up to a soundtrack of your stuff and we are very grateful that you find the time to stop by keep us updated from the Land of Luke. Good luck with the rest of the shows and looking forward to the new album.

Posted by Lukedaddy

Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:28 pm

Hey guys,
Juts coming up for air today. I stepped right of the plane into the studio with Ritenour to finish the mixes on “6 string theory” out June 15th I believe and now back into the studio on me new record. Busy busy..
The “gently weeps” was done as a tribute to George who, believe it or not, was a friend. When we did the toto covers record we did this one. Steve Porcaro came up with the synthy bit that everyone seems to hate, Simon Phillips came up with the percussion loop and yes, I DID fuck up the lyrics, it was live and I spaced. LOL Imagine being human? We only recorded ONE night so I was stuck with it. but as the original will never be beat we did it totally different and just went for it. Some people like this, some ..well if you have read any of the comments hate it and hate me for it. Never a middle ground with toto. It was love or hate and really intense on BOTH sides of that, same with me I guess. It was just a “different take” on it. People take this shit TOO seriously. I did not blow up the trade center. We did a totally different version. It was meant with love and respect.
Thanks for all your kind words.
My gear is pretty basic now, even nothing really. Just plug into an amp or a few stomp boxes, rip out the old rack Bob built me, might do that for the baked Potato 40th anniversary gig I am doin may 22nd. Bob just built me an all stomp-box board I have yet to see as I just got back home.
I look forward to diggin that. I collect SO many of the little boxes now. I got a handmade J+J box I used yesterday on a solo for my new record which was way cool.
Life is busy and hope you are all well

Posted by Moonspinner

Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:16 pm

I love the parts Steve Porcaro played on that Toto record. Actualy I love everything he played over the years. He’s one of a kind!! (…)

Posted by Capn

Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:18 pm

On arriving in Copenhagen Kastrup a few years back, I’m in the crowd barreling towards passport control, the guy ahead in a wide round brimmed black felt hat resting on the back of his head, stops cold, right in front of me and I almost took him out, missing him by a whisker as I side-stepped all cross-legged like Bambi on the ice; credibility down the toilet. I look back and see this guy dressed like a trad Jew with the white shirt, black suit and felt shoes, but hold on, he had an iPod shuffle on a cord around his neck, which he is footling with – this is why he has stopped. That can’t be right, those guys don’t like anything remotely modern.
I then clocked who it was, and in a flash was overcome on the one hand with, that’s Elvis Costello, and on the other with, this is the guy who keeps saying Toto have nothing to contribute to music? this guy? he he. I’m thinking if I need a barometer of the zeitgeist he won’t be the one to call.
I also wondered if he would hold this opinion forever and had he yet heard Toto’s cover of Watching the Detectives?
Funny how fast the mind works sometimes.

Posted by Odd-Arne Oseberg

Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:58 pm

Downsizing is just natural in many cases. Many big rackers could probably question the real motives for unnecessary big rigs in live situations. Flashing lights in a rig don’t necessarily make for better music or a better player. Nice options to have when recording, though.

Just look at Michael Landau and his small pedalboard into a small Fender combo. Best tones he’s ever gotten IMO and he’s still improving. Sitting on the floor six feet from his amp on two shows one right after the other last year, it was just tonal nirvana. Very special show, too. Must ahve been something in the air cause the show the next day wasn’t even close.

In short. Quality over quantity any time. I do love my w/d/w, though.

Posted by Lukedaddy

Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:24 pm

Interesting point you made about seeing Mike. It is the same for all of us I think. Some nights are more inspired than others. Why? I dont fucking know. Wish I did.
We all TRY the best we can but sometimes the stars are right or some weird voodoo shit.In a youtube world it is very intimidating cause everytime you scratch your nuts on stage the world can see it if they choose to and then make fun of you for being human. I actually had a guy follow me into the toilet with a camera. This is not the first time this has happened. It also happened at a NAMM show 20+ years ago . I was with Eddie Van Halen taking a leak and I thought he was gonna kill the guy. NOW, you fart and it is all on youtube. lol

George Orwell was right, we are just 20+ years later than HE thought. Scary isnt it. Big brother is MORE than watching. I am trying to re-adjust my mind set and TRY and relax about ALL of this shit and realize no matter what there is a camera at EVERY gig, actually EVERYWHERE, and I know people who now wont sit in on other people gear, or guitars or whatever cause IF they fuck up (which happens all the time) they are afraid of a backlash. I know I have been a fucking bullseye for this sort of shit. For stuff I did 30 years ago! I sit in and its on you tube and maybe it aint great, I was drunk (loose, mistakes, its a JAM!!) or I played a little too much ( I am HUMAN, nerves and booze played in but I dont drink anymore etc.. ) or the sound is shit from someones CELL PHONE MIC and the tone police bust you on THAT recording?? whatever.. and BOOM. The haters have a field day.
I have a very dear soul brother Mike Porcaro who has ALS. Cant move, cant play anymore and all that goes with that horrible fucking disease. I can get up and walk across the room and pick up my guitar and play. It sort of puts all the bullshit in perspective. You cant win for losin so I just try my best. There are many better and some worse. Does it REALLY matter in the big picture of life?
There is room for us all to groove. We are not curing cancer. Just playing music hoping to bring a small smile to all who care to dig it. There is SOoo much music out there and good and bad are subjective issues. Like sound. Like food. Like women, One mans chocolate is another mans shit. As I get older I have to remember what an amazing life I have had and NOT worry about what other people think. The funny thing is, shit I did that was somewhat embarrassing , that I THOUGHT was dead and gone comes back to haunt me 30 years later thanks to the internet. For better or for worse. Doesn’t seem fair. hahaha I CAN laugh at it all though. Or try anyway. It doesn’t help when faceless nameless people rake you thru the coals over stupid things you did when you were a kid. Its like beating up an old lady at this point. haha. Once again, I CAN laugh it , like the high school photo one of you guys dug up. WHERE the fuck did you find that? THIS is what I am talking about!
life… LMAO. What else can I do?
Have a great day guys and I am off to work in the studio. I am lucky..
Thanks for the good vibe. I do appreciate it.
Yer pal

Posted by marsa

Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:49 am

Okay, who’s got this on Beta or VHS.. I mean, c’mon.. this is the money clip fo sho.. Luke taking a leak while Eddie beats some dude up? Golden shit right there.. HAHA

But, seriously.. Luke.. Invite Bob over for some herbal tea and make a video of that new pedalboard, ya hear?

Posted by Lukedaddy

Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:19 pm

I WANT to SEE my new pedal board. I have not as of yet! I just got home and then I am working doin vocals on my nw recored and then off to France for some clinic stuff for 3 weeks. I really DO wanna see the finished deal. I gotta call Bob today!

About the rest of my early morning coffee raves.. Take them at face value. Just a rave..
Life is good and thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate them nd I am NOT looking for a “rech-around” believe me. lol

I finally finished the 6 string theory record with Ritenour last night. I co-produced 3 tracks and wrote 2. 18 tracks in total with various combinations of players. I think there are like 22 guitar players from ALL styles on there. I think guitar heads will dig it. From tasty to Guthrie Shredding, be bop, blues, rock, funk, fusion, classical, ALL great players all over it in every chair. It was an honor to be a small part of it.
I plugged straight into a Marshall for this one and they added a little delay and room to my sound at the mixing desk. I am more minimal in the studio these days. I like frosting, but not tooo much but the cake has to be real good too. Very gay analogy. hahaha
Oh well, my baby daughter wants to play “The claw”. How do I argue with a 2 1/2 year old? Oh wait, I was in a BAND for 33 years. I remember. hahaha
Have a good one cats

Posted by Lukedaddy

Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:20 pm

Hey guys
Sorry its been awhile. Been on the run in France, got the runs in France, got better and here I am. LOL
Thanks for all the kind words and stuff but enough with the youtube shit. I am OK with it. No one likes everyone and there are a few miserable pricks in the world, thats life. C’est la Vie. I am so French. hahaha

I dont know how to get Mike L. on here. He takes awhile to mail me back and we have known each other since we were 12. I do love the guy and what a player.. One of my all time faves in spite of the fact we grew up together. Mike answers for Mike.

I am havin some fun promoting the Music Man guitars out here and playing with some real nice French guys. I am like “join a band every week” now. Never dull thats for sure. haha
It has given me time to finish lyrics so i can finally finish my new record. It comes out in the Fall. I am calling it “Alls Well that Ends Well”. A metaphor for my life right now. I am proud of how it is coming out. Big expensive sounding record. LOL I like the BIG production I dont care what anyone says. I will digure out how to play it live when I am done. In the meantime I want to make a big obnoxious over the top record with some NON obvious shit on it.
I guess you guys will be the judge and jury when it comes out. I will get the hangmans noose ready. LOL

There is something about becoming 50 and then into it a few years that has me rather reflective on my whole life. I sometimes forget I am in my 50’s, 52 to be exact, and that SO much time has gone by since I started. I used to be “the kid” now I am the “old guy”. LOL. Well I CAN say I have had an amazing life and I am STILL having it. I am a lucky fucker and I know it so don’t think I take my career for granted. I am very thankful for what I have done and the fact I still get to play guitar and see the world for a living. Fucking cool job.
Thanks to you all for being so cool.

Now enough asslicking.
Ask me some questions. Anything goes. I have time on the road while I am waiting around in my hotel room to go to the gig.
Have a good one guys
Luke in Le mans France. ( where is Steve McQueen??)

Posted by Little Luke

Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:30 pm

Hi Luke,

I will start with the great A. Morissette “THANK YOU,”
for your songs
for live playing
for your humor and jokes
for your interviews with critics
for the lyrics
for TOTO and …
for the inspirations
for being there
and so on and so on …!!!

Three short questions:

  1. What gear did you use on 1978 O.Newton-John “Physical”?
  2. Was it great GRP/D. Grusin or why is your sound on DVD “Live from the Coconut Grove” so, so, so incredible good? Did you use something special or what?
  3. I think you use PCM70 preset pan delay or you use circular delay, never both at the same time – or? It’s discussed here and everywhere.

Love and best wishes for Mike!
All the best for you!

Posted by Niklas Nilsson

Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:08 am

I’m a Luke nut, so I know some of those.

  1. Not sure, probably his 59 Burst and the Rivera modded Fender, possibly a Marshall.
  2. Prototype Soldano X88R preamp, HH Mosfet poweramp, Marshalls with V30s, and the usual Eventide for pitch, TC for chorus, PCM70 for delays and Roland SRV2000 for reverb.
  3. He uses them together as well as separate.

Posted by Lukedaddy

Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:49 am

You guys already got the answers right. haha
I dont remember alot of the details. In he studio I just plugged into amps most fo the time. The rack stuff I do use live and also did alot in the 80’s and 90’s. I kept changing gear lot. Bob Bradshaw would hip me to new things or company’s would send me stuff and if I likes it I would put it in the system.
I am NOT a gear head really at all. haha I am not lying. I rely on Bob and other engineers for help and advice, now maybe YOU guys!

I think we ALL know what a good sound is. It starts with YOU and the gear either enhances that or makes it worse. Depends.. oh that reminds my I should change mine. LOL
I dont have alot of time guys. Gotta eat before work.
Be well and I will try and get back to all the questions ASAO
best from France

Posted by John Ziegler

Tue May 04, 2010 1:24 pm

hey Luke bro, thanx for coming out to the gig last night…i’m never worthy!
welcome back from europe, it’s always great to see ya.
really looking forward to doing that festival with ya in a couple of weeks….
and alas as you said, all the notes shall indeed be played! whoa.
ohhh, make sure ya listen to what Tal said last night too, and pick some tunes!!!
btw, i can’t wait to check out your new rig that you were mentioning to me and all that good stuff.
cheers to ya, Steve…rock on brother!

Posted by Lukedaddy

Thu May 06, 2010 2:43 pm

HI guys, I baaaack. haha
Lets start here as I am chasing a 2 1/2 year old with a banana, wait that didnt sound good.. LOL
SHE has a REAL banana.. wait, this is still going wrong. hahaha

First, Z it was good to see you too man. You guys play so well it is a kick to watch. Thanks for letting my son crash the jam for his B day party. I heard Justin has not made that much money at the bar in years. Nothing like 23 year old kids buying drinks. haha I was hiding in a corner as I dont drink anymore but it was cool to see you and and your fellow guitar player ( shit I forgot his name but a MONSTER!) to show the kids whats up.

OK. Questions.

Bob has NOT finished my new rig. haha SO I will be using my old one for the upcoming SPUD bash. It still sounds great to me live and I dont wanna try NEW stuff out on a gig.
I have some tunes no worries. I am gonna break out some old tunes and jam stuff so everyone can play in the spirit of the Spud and the fact we have NO rehearsal. Everyone else has slicked out rehearsed bands but hey I never rehearsed for a Spud gig before. anyway. Why start now and with THAT band.. what can I say? I am VERY lucky there but they are all good friends. Vinnie and I go back 30 years, Weingart is MY guy and we have been playing together for 7 years now and Tal is my new pal and she is too much. Trev , my son, introduced me as they are the same age, she might be one year older but what monster . She played her ass off on this new Ritenour 6 string theory record comin in June we did together. THAT record has some INSANE guitar playing in EVERY style on it!!
OK the questions..

But anyway here is my two questions.
1) In your present development/evolution/search as an artist / musician / producer what are the things that you still feel you can explore and discover / learn? And what is your latest aha experience ?

I am in a total RE DO right now! In every way. I am redoing my guitar, new pickups, bigger body and also my playing in general. There are SO many shredders these days I just dont fit into that and when I did try it seemed silly to me. My problem was always I can morph into whatever situation I was in and as I have done so many different styles I sort of was programmed in my brain to mimic situations. Thats what a studio player does. I am not really a studio guy anymore but I still have the nervous ticks one gets from being on e for almost 35 years. haha
Basically I am simplifying my playing and my outlook on life. I am no longer in the rat race of “who has the biggest dick on guitar” anymore. That is for kids and frankly there are SO many people who have the shred thing together I must go to my strong suit and play with some taste and forget all that shit anyway. It seemed the thing to do at ONE time but that has passed for me. New amps, new sounds and a simpler playing approach. I am not saying I wont rip now and then but when it is called for not as a rule. Fuck .. I dont know. haha
I am excited about playing again and I am finishing my new record and that will kind of show where I am at now. It is a vocal record, huge production. I LIKE that. Some people dont. I like big expensive over the top sounding records. I have Trevor Horn-Mutt Langes engineer as my co producer Steve Macmillin doin it with me and it is pretty big sounding with some very diverse guitar tones on it.
It is a never ending quest my friends as you know.

2) On your clinic tour in france what was the question(s) that you felt was the most interesting ones to ansver?
and were there any of them that touched something that is still fresh stuff for you on a musical / professional level)?

people are scared to ask especially in another language. haha I was on rented gear, except for my guitar and jammin with French musicians who were very cool and nice and we had some yuks. people want to know silly stuff like ” what was Michael Jackson like”. Not real music school kinda shit. Although I TRIED to push people in that direction I was promoting Music Man guitars and all that really. I am not a teacher but I am still a student! Once again, it never ends does it.
OK, gott a split. My daughter Lily is tearing the house apart. I LOVE chasing her around. It is the yang to the ying of my insane life that I have been blessed with.
You guys are too cool. have a great day and I will be back when time allows
Yer pal

PS NEVER stop trying. That should be everyones mantra! Have fun too!

Check out this very cool Steve Lukather interview!!
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